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Chapter 8: The Synergist’s Toolkit: How the Synergist releases cohesion and flow in the group


Chapter 7 showed us what a Synergist does, Chapter 8 goes a step further and explains how they do it.

We discover that there are nine key tools in the Synergists toolkit. Together with the enterprise commitment, these tools enable a Synergist to break the gridlock in any group, team or Organisation.

The resources for this chapter include a flashcard to help you remember the enterprise commitment, an assessment to evaluate your Synergist Toolkit and our recommendations for improving each of the nine tools in the toolkit.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be putting together an extensive resource list for each of the areas in The Synergist’s Toolkit.

For now we want to get you started with some resources we think are a solid starter to help you develop in these areas.

Use the links below to click through the resources.

Chapter 8 Resources

FLASHCARDS: The Enterprise Commitment Flashcard

A useful, practical way to remind yourself of The Enterprise Commitment. Cut out these flashcards and distribute them to each member your team. Tell everyone to keep it in their wallet or purse and refer to it often, particularly when you need a reminder of the Enterprise Commitment.

Click here to download the flashcards.

Worksheet: Hotspots

We’ve seen that the Enterprise Commitment is what is needed to adopt the mindset of a Synergist. At times, however, it’s good to be proactive in identifying when you will be more likely to slip back into your natural V,O or P style. This worksheet will help you to identify those times and what to do about it.

Click here to download the worksheet.

Synergist Toolkit Assessment

This worksheet allows you to score yourself on each of the Synergist behaviours and the enterprise commitment. It will show you the areas you need to improve upon and allow you to set an action plan for working on your weakest behaviours.

Click here to access the assessment.

The Synergist Online 360 Assessment

Want to take the Synergist Toolkit Assessment to the next level? We have put together an online 360 assessment to give a greater understanding into your key strengths and development points in The Synergists Toolkit.

This assessment gets you and your colleagues (peers, direct reports and bosses) to rate you against each of the areas in the Toolkit. The end result is your own personalised 16 page report with a detailed analysis on each of the areas in the Toolkit.

Click the contact us link to get full details on how to sign up.

External Resource: Time Management Resources

Getting Things Done – David Allen

We’ve recommended this before under the Operator section. Getting Things Done is, in our opinion, the number one time management system. If your struggling to stay on top of your workload this is the best place to start.

Click here to buy the book.

Click here to watch David in action at the Do Lectures. 

External Resource: Crisis Mangement Resources

Crisis Management: Planning for the Inevitable – Steven Pink

The author, who served on the Three Mile Island crisis management team, has done an extensive study of crises in business. In this book he describes and analyzes several recent crises including TMI, Ohio S & L, Union Carbide, and Rely Tampons.

He advises managers on how to forecast a crisis, isolate it, and manage it. He also discusses crisis communications and hostile takeovers.

This book is one of the first to gather such information together and combine it with actual case studies. A practical and informative work on an important topic for managers today and tomorrow.

Click here to buy the book.

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