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Predictable Success

What is 'Predictable Success'?

Predictable Success
  • Predictable Success is the fourth stage in any organization’s development, after Early Struggle, Fun and Whitewater.
  • Predictable Success is achieved by introducing the systems and processes needed for the organization to conquer complexity and get out of Whitewater.
  • When in Predictable Success, the organization is at its prime, and can readily set and consistently achieve its goals.
  • Theoretically, if the right balance of systems and processes is maintained, there is no reason why an organization cannot remain in Predictable Success indefinitely.
  • Allowing the newly introduced systems and processes to lapse (or to be by-passed) can lead to the organization sliding back into Whitewater.
  • Introducing too many systems and processes, or depending on systems and processes to substitute for initiative and creativity will push the organization forward into Treadmill.
  • Leadership's key role is to maintain the right balance between vision and process so the organization remains in Predictable Success.
  • The ability to make and implement decisions with relative ease in turn builds a competitive advantage, as the organization slowly institutionalizes its ability to succeed.
  • Some of the 'Big Dogs' who grew the organization during Fun and Whitewater may leave when the organization hits Predictable Success and a new culture of cross-functional decision-making takes hold and they fear their freedom and autonomy is being eroded or removed.

SAFE Zone!

Predictable Success is one of the only 2 'safe zones' in the growth Lifecycle (Fun is the other). The difference between Fun and Predictable Success is that while you can grow in Fun, it's only in Predictable Success that you can SCALE

Predictable Success is the apex of the growth Lifecycle, so you want to do everything you can to stay there.

Optimize your time in Fun

IWhen you put your foot on the gas in this company, it goes forward."
- Jeff Immelt, then-CEO, GE

The 3 Key Challenges in Predictable Success


It's hard to escape the pull of 'how we used to do things' - but unless you learn how to resist that pull, you will inevitably end up back in stage 3 - Whitewater.

Find out why

balancing process and innovation

You need systems and processes in order to scale, but you also need the freedom and flexibility needed to continue to innovate at the same time.

Find out how

institutionalizing your vision

Chances are that until now you have been  the personification of the organization's vision. Now, it's vital that you institutionlize that vision.

Find out how and why 

Build The Team You Need to Stay in Predictable Success

A key element - in our view, the key element of achieving successful growth is in building the right team. Here at Predictable Success we've uncovered the precise combination of 4 specific leadership styles needed to move through each one of the 7 growth stages in the growth Lifecycle. Here's what you need in place in order to stay in Predictable Success:


To be successful, every venture needs a Visionary - someone who thinks at the 30,000' level and sets the overall strategy and direction. Visionaries are 'starters' and come up with new ideas.

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The Operator


Visionaries become easily frustrated  with detail and attending to the 'nitty-gritty' of execution, so they need to have one or more Operators - ruthless finishers who get things done.

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The Processor


Processors install and maintain the systems, policies and procedures needed to scale, and are needed in the organization from an earlier stage of growth (stage 3, 'Whitewater'). 

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The Synergist


Synergists are vital in the organization once it has arrived at Predictable Success, as they are the 'glue' that holds together the otherwise unstable Visionary - Operator - Processor triad.

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Do you want to know WHY - AND how - TO stay in Predictable Success indefinitely?

If you are in Predictable Success, then two things are certain:

1. You have reached the peak stage of development for your organization, and have the opportunity to not just grow, but SCALE.

2. You will face constant battles against the gravitational pull of the two growth stages either side of Predictable Success - Whitewater and Treadmill, both of which will threaten your growth, stability and long-term viability.

By far the most effective, cost-efficient way to optimize your time in Predictable Success and resist the pull of both Whitewater and Treadmill is to enroll in The Predictable Success Acceleration Program - a proven, time-tested, highly action-focussed Program that will not only optimize your time in Predictable Success, it will be your constant guide and companion as you take your organization to the peak of its scalability:

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