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What is 'FUN'?

  • Fun is the second, natural step in every organization’s development (assuming it survives Early Struggle).
  • The main focus of a for-profit business in Fun is generating sales revenue.
  • The main focus of a not-for-profit organization in Fun is in spreading the 'mission' as fast as possible.
  • Fun sees the rise of “Big Dogs”— hard-charging Operators who who build sweat equity in the organization by contributing to the survival and growth of the business.
  • During Fun, the organization says 'Yes' to everything, and figures out how to do it later.
  • This in turn leads to feats of extraordinary achievement, becoming the “myths and legends” of the organization that will later be recalled as a type of 'golden age'
  • .Working for an organization in Fun is exciting, but requires the ability to cope with ambiguity.
  • Some owners / leaders choose never to leave Fun, because of the high rewards and, well, it’s fun! 
  • If you continue to grow your business through Fun, you will be automatically kicked out of Fun into the next stage on the growth Lifecycle (Whitewater).

SAFE Zone!

FUN is one of the only 2 'safe zones' in the growth Lifecycle (Predictable Success is the other).

While it may not always seem like it, later you will look back at this time as a 'golden age' for your organization - so why not do all you can to optimize your time while in Fun?

Optimize your time in Fun

I want to run a company where we are moving too quickly and trying too much. If we don’t [make] any mistakes, we’re not taking enough risk." - Larry Page, Google cofounder

The 3 Key Challenges in Fun


The nimbleness and flexibility of an organization is never higher than when in Fun, but saying 'Yes' to everything (and figuring it out later) will eventually result in pushing you in to the dangerous stage 3: Whitewater.

Find out why


Too much process too soon, and you'll stunt your growth. Not enough process too late, and your entry in to growth stage 3 - Whitewater - will be traumatic. It's up to you to get the timing and balance of systems and processes right.

Find out how


The very success the organization encounters in early- and mid-Fun can lead to a sense of invulnerability in late Fun, causing leadership to over-reach and 'bite off more than they can chew'. Unless you set clear parameters the results can be painful.

Find out how and why 

Build The Team You Need to Optimize Your Time in Fun

A key element - in our view, the key element of achieving successful growth is in building the right team. Here at Predictable Success we've uncovered the precise combination of 4 specific leadership styles needed to move through each one of the 7 growth stages in the growth Lifecycle. Here's what you need in place in order to optimize the time you spend in Fun:


To be successful, every  venture needs a Visionary - someone who thinks at the 30,000' level and sets the overall strategy and direction. Visionaries are 'starters' and come up with new ideas.

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The Operator


Visionaries become easily frustrated  with detail and attending to the 'nitty-gritty' of execution, so they need to have one or more Operators - ruthless finishers who get things done.

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The Processor


Processors install systems, policies and procedures and are needed in a later stage of growth (stage 3, 'Whitewater'). Having Processors too early will slow down your growth.

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The Synergist


Eventually you will need some Synergists if you want to get to the peak stage of growth ('Predictable Success'), but like Processors, they will hold you back if you put them on the team too early.

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Do you want to optimize your time in fun - AND ease YOUR TRANSITION THROUgh Whitewater?

If you are in Fun, then two things are certain:

1. This is the time to build a substantial, well-funded, lasting organization that will survive all the challenges ahead, and 

2. You are, inevitably, going to hit the 'growing pains of stage 3 -  Whitewater - sooner rather than later.

By far the most effective, cost-efficient way to optimize your time in Fun and ease your transition in to Whitewater is to enroll in The Predictable Success Acceleration Program - a proven, time-tested, highly action-focussed Program that will not only optimize your time in  Fun and ease your transition through Whitewater, it will be your constant guide an companion as you progress all the way through to Predictable Success:

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