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Suggested Intro Script

..And now, I'm delighted to introduce you to our next speaker, Les McKeown*

Les is a renowned author, consultant, speaker and coach.

From his base in the Washington, D.C. area, Les travels extensively, assisting senior executives with their personal and organizational development.

His company, Predictable Success, has worked with organizations such as Harvard University, T-Mobile, United Technologies, The National Security Agency, Gartner and The Motley Fool.

Based on his personal experience of launching and running more than 40 businesses, and guiding hundreds more worldwide, Les has developed a unique understanding of the "DNA of business success": a consistent, recognizable growth pattern that applies to all organizations.

Les calls this pattern "Predictable Success", and his book of the same name is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller.

Today he's going to share that growth pattern with us.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming...

..Les McKeown*.

[* pronounced "MICK-YOU-IN"].

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