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First published June 6, 2010

Dan Pink 

5 The author of several provocative, bestselling books about the changing world of work, most recently “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”, Dan appears regularly on or in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Wired, CNN, CNBC, ABC, and NPRIn this interview Dan shares:
  • » Why he changed from law to politics;
  • » What work he did for Vice President, Al Gore;
  • » His change from the ‘white house’ to the ‘pink house’;
  • » Why he believes in ‘do what you do’ instead of ‘do what you love’;
  • » What he learned during his trip to India and a fellowship to Japan;
  • » The importance of a finding information in a book versus online;
  • » The surprising truth about what really motivates us;
  • » What truly motivates us and how to use that knowledge;
  • » How the classic A and B type personality traits relate to his X and I types ;
  • » What organization leaders can do to become a type A’s;
  • » The secret to high performance and satisfaction;
  • » His three main elements of true and intrinsic motivation;
  • » Why management needs to be striving for engagement of teams if it wants to reach Predictable Success;
  • » Why he says profit-motive is an insufficient motivator for creative tasks;
  • » Which companies are enlisting new approaches to motivation;
  • » His ‘Drive’ of Mission, Vision, Values;
  • » Why he believes his new book ‘Drive’ is getting such positive reception;
Click here to read more about Dan Pink and Drive at http://DanPink.com/ (Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)
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