Are you struggling to get your venture off the ground? Finding it hard to catch the Wave of Growth you need to get to viability and beyond? This Course will get you out of the Danger Zone of the Early Struggle Stage and in to Fun!

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Meet your Course Leader

Les McKeown,
Founder and CEO, Predictable Success

Your course leader isn’t a business academic or ‘consultant – when it comes to business growth, Les McKeown has ‘been there, done that’. After starting more than 40 companies in his own right, Les became the co-founder an incubation consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of literally hundreds of organizations worldwide, with at it’s peak 13 offices in 7 countries worldwide.

Image of Les McKeown, Founder and CEO, Predictable Success

Now Les advises CEOs and senior leaders of organizations

Just like yours on how to achieve scalable, sustainable growth, speaks to Fortune 500 companies about his breakthrough strategies, is one of Inc.’s top contributing authors. He is also the author of three books on growth leadership, one a Wall St Journal and USA Today bestseller, and a much-in-demand public speaker.

I’ve spent 35 years successfully teaching, training and coaching people in the Predictable Success business growth process and seen organizations transformed, and people’s careers and personal lives immeasurably enhanced as a result of it.”

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