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February 22, 2015

Why March is the Most Dangerous Month and What To Do About It 

Before diving in to the dangers of March, we have an exciting announcement to make. Our goal is to give you blog posts, audio tips, videos and more on the topics that will benefit you most. That’s why we’ve created a new Preferences Center so you can choose the areas that interest you – from tips on how to Grow Your Business to tools for Battling Bureaucracy. If it’s leadership resources you’re seeking, we’ll advise you on the best ways to Synergize Your Team as well as how to Lead From Anywhere within your organization. Simply click here to subscribe, after which you will be prompted to tell us your preferences – it takes mere seconds. Then stay tuned for great resources like our upcoming Synergize Your Team whitepaper, many of which won’t be available in our newsletter. ~ Sarah
Read why March is the most dangerous month

March Is The Most Dangerous Month

Don’t leave your success to chance, use these tips instead. Despite its reputation for being lucky – thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, four-leaf clovers and more – March is a dangerously crucial month for most teams and organizations. Your success for the rest of the year will likely be defined by what takes place during its 31 days. The decisions you make about key projects will determine which ones can continue to draw upon the limited pool of resources available in Q2 (and beyond). How can you ensure you’re opting for the right ones? Read the article here
Hear how to get quality referrals from your clients

Increase Your Client Base Referrals

Consultant Scott Propp offers a new approach. A newsletter reader recently asked how he could get his existing clients to be more proactive in recommending his services. Since every client-based business requires quality referrals, we sought a leading expert to share his advice on the subject. We’d like to introduce you to Scott Propp, one of our Predictable Success Consultants. Listen as Scott explains his unique, two-part approach to increasing your referrals. Hear Scott’s audio tip
Read the Top Ten Tasks for Q1

10 Things Successful Leaders Do In Q1

Discover how to inspire confidence and build your team’s momentum. In our article about the dangers of March, we examined how to leverage your limited resources for maximum effect. Now we’re taking a look at how to optimize your team’s approach as well. From removing habits and barriers carried over from last year, to pursuing projects that will give your team a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to strive for even more. Start tackling these tasks today and reap the rewards for months to come. Read the article at Inc.
Sign up for the Synergist Webinar

Cultivate The Synergist In You

This webinar will show you how. While a natural-born Synergist is a rare commodity, everyone has the ability to develop a Synergist mindset. Of the four leadership styles crucial to any organization, the Synergist is the foundation for teamwork. Selfless and relationship-driven, they bring focus to what is best for the whole. In this webinar, learn the strengths and weaknesses every Synergist possesses. Discover underutilized skills and the damaging myths Synergists believe about themselves. Most importantly, learn how you can become an Exceptional Synergist Leader. The answer is a click away. Register for the webinar


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