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First published April 11, 2012

Tony Hsieh & Jenn Lim 

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos and the author of ‘Delivering Happiness’. Jenn Limm is the CEO of ‘Delivering Happiness’. In this interview Tony and Jenn share: » Tony’s top 3 events in his life that led to the success of Zappos; » The real reason he sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $200m; » How Zappos culture was dramatically impacted by what he learned from (and what went wrong with) LinkExchange; » The key mistake organizations can make in trying to build a strong culture; » The meaning and power of having ‘committable core values’; » Why Jenn likens Zappos to her ‘best friend’s little brother’; » How Zappos takes risks – and how doing so is integrated with its core values; Delivering Happiness » How they avoided losing Zappos core values during high growth; » The key role hiring played in maintaining Zappos culture as it expanded; » How Tony sees Zappos changing once he is no longer there; » How to build culture organically from the bottom up – and the danger of building it from the top down; …and much more You can learn more about the Delivering Happiness movement and purchase the book by clicking here. (Running time is approximately 30 minutes.)
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