Your quiz results show that you are a:

Growth Hunter

...and your key growth challenge is to

Explode Bureaucracy

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You are a: Growth Hunter
Your key growth challenge is to: Explode Bureaucracy

Congratulations! From your answers, it looks like you are a Growth Hunter, which means that your main challenge is to Explode Bureaucracy. Read on to find out more about why this is, what it means, and how to fix it:

According to the answers you provided, it appears that while your business did experience profitable growth in the past, in recent times that growth has stuttered and become more elusive than previously.

Looking back, it seems that while the business had some 'golden years', right now it feels like it has now lost its mojo, and rather than the nimble, innovative risk-taking business it used to be, it has become more staid, more process-driven, and less entrepreneurial.

In other words, you're on the hunt to reclaim lost growth, and to do that your main focus must be to Explode Bureaucracy.

In fact, there are three separate steps you need to take in order to get back to the sustained, profitable growth you need and deserve:

1. Restore Institutional Agility: It's one thing being an individual change agent (a.k.a. a voice crying in the widerness), and another thing altogether making a systemic, enterprise-wide shift in vision, innovation and controlled risk taking - but if you're determined to Explode Bureaucracy, you have to make that happen.

2. Right-Size Systems and Processes: Systems and processes are good - vital even, to achieve prolonged sustainable success in all but the simplest of organizations, but too many systems and processes are growth's nemesis.

The trick is in knowing (a) how much is too much, (b) and which systems and processes should go (or be reduced), and which should stay?

3. Make it Sustainable: We've all seen a 'new broom sweep clean' in an over-processed business (or organization, division, department, project, group or team), only for everything to backslide over time - sometimes becoming even worse than it was before. You not only have to Explode Bureaucracy, you must also know how to make it permanent.

If this sounds like you, check your email for even more information about each of these three steps, and - most importantly - how to make it happen in the most effective, lasting, ACCELERATED way possible.

Check your email for full details on what your growth phase means, and how to Explode Bureaucracy!

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