Your quiz results show that you are a:

Growth Seeker

...and your key growth challenge is to

Catch the Growth Wave

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You are a: Growth Seeker
Your key growth challenge is to: Catch the Growth Wave

Congratulations! From your answers, it looks like you are a Growth Seeker, which means that your main growth challenge is to Catch the Growth Wave. Read on to find out more about why this is, what it means, and how to fix it:

According to the answers you provided, it appears that although you have launched your new venture (and may indeed have been trading for some time), you have yet to experience prolonged profitable growth. While you may have had some profitable months or quarters, profitable growth hasn't yet become sustained or predictable.

In other words, you need to take the right steps to Catch the Growth Wave.

In fact, there are three separate steps you need to take in order to get the sustained, profitable growth you need and deserve:

1. Spot the Wave: The very first thing you need to so is to clearly identify the right wave to catch - in other words, what (and where) precisely is your sustainable, profitable market?

2. Catch the Wave: Once you've found your sustainable, profitable market, the next step is to get in front of them consistently and effectively. [HINT: For a smaller business trying to Catch the Growth Wave, this isn't typically about your sales and marketing activities, important though those are.]

3. Ride the Wave: Once you've found your market and got their attention, how do you turn that into sustainable, predictable growth over time? We've all seen 'comet businesses' that ride high and flare brightly for a short time before falling to earth, exhausted - you need to make sure that isn't you!

If this sounds like you, check your email for even more information about each of these three steps, and - most importantly - how to make it happen in the most effective, lasting, ACCELERATED way possible.

Check your email for full details on what your growth phase means, and how to Catch the Growth Wave!

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