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Now that's what I call a book delivery… 

I buy a lot of books – maybe three or four deliveries a week arrive to my home office from Amazon.com. But even for me, it’s unusual to have 300 books arrive at once, as happened last week. And it was especially exciting to discover they all had my name on them as the author.Julie was back in the UK when the advance review copies of ‘Predictable Success’ arrived (visiting her favorite nieces of course), and I got so excited I had to go get my trusty Flip and record the event for posterity…

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Since then I’ve calmed down (a little) and even managed to send out the copies promised to the winners of our ‘Help us choose the cover‘ competition.
Next week we start sending out review copies to TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and blog book reviewers. If you would like a copy to review in your publication, web site or other media, just send us details and we’ll get a copy out to you.


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