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First published July 17, 2014

How to be an Exceptional Operator Leader 

Working with (or for) Operator-style colleagues can be a roller-coaster experience. Hard-charging and task-oriented, Operators are the ‘do-ers’ in any enterprise – the practically-minded folks that get stuff done. No group or team, no organization or enterprise can ever achieve its goals without Operators on board. Stick them in a group environment, however, and a different picture emerges. The Operator is not naturally inclined to play well in teams and in meetings – they’d much rather be out on the front line, getting stuff done. Easily bored by meetings and unimpressed with simply putting in ‘face time’, Operators don’t like to sit around idly, and can usually be found in jobs that keep them on the move or at the coalface. If you work with or for a Operator – or if you are one yourself (not sure? Check out if you are with this free quiz), you’ll want to watch this free webinar where I show:
  • » The 7 key attributes every Operator displays – and how to respond to those attributes for optimum results;
  • » The 5 great skills latent in every Operator  – and how to bring those skills out in every environment;
  • » The 4 ‘self-destruct’ buttons Operators press when under pressure – and how you can prevent them from happening;
  • » The 3 keys to building harmoniously effective teams including strong Operators – learn how to develop a high-performance team that gets the best from Operators – whether or not the O is the titular head of the team
In this webinar you’ll also learn how to work with Operators so that they can be involved positively in any group or team’s activities – without feeling either over-managed, or that they’re being pulled away from the front line for too long.  
Here are the links to each of the resources I mentioned at some point on the call (click each underlined link to access the relevant resource): FREE RESOURCES: A pdf of the slides used is here (right-click to download). The Synergist styles quiz is here. A free chapter of ‘The Synergist’ is here. The webinar on interpreting your Styles Assessment Score is here. The webinar on working with (or for) a Visionary is here. The webinar on working with (or for) an Operator is here. The webinar on working with (or for) a Processor is here. The webinar how to be an exceptional Visionary Leader is here. The webinar on Building a Highly Effective Team is here A free chapter of ‘Do Lead’ is here. A free chapter of ‘Predictable Success’ is here The webinar on the 4 secrets of Predictable Success is here. A quiz to tell you what stage on the lifecycle your business is at is here. NOT FREE RESOURCES (But worth every penny): The Predictable Success 1-Day Intensive Workshop is here. ‘The Synergist’ (the book) is here. ‘Do Lead’ (the book) is here. ‘Predictable Success’ (the book) is here. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events and new resources as they become available, be sure to subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. You may do so below.


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