Do You and Your Team Know How to Quickly, Effectively and Consistently Make and Execute High-Quality Decisions? 

Learn how to turn any team into a decision-making machine and revolutionize every meeting you're in!

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Are your team meetings endless, exhausting, frustrating and ineffective?

Well, guess what - you're far from alone. In fact, for 90% of the executive teams I work with, the #1 issue they face is team meeting overwhelm - too much time spent in too many meetings. to too little effect!

You know what it's like - you're 90 minutes in to a 2-hour meeting, and yet you've only gotten through two of the seven agenda items...

Your mind is numb already, and yet you know exactly what's going to happen: The meeting will run late, and the decisions you'll make about the remaining agenda items will be hugely sub-optimal.

Then item 3 comes up - and you have that sinking feeling: Didn't we already talk about this in the ;past meeting...? And the one before that!?

You may even recall having already made a decision about this agenda item that somehow never got implemented - and so you are here, talking about it all over again!

And while we're talking about talking...why is so much of our time spent doing just that - talking instead of deciding? Why can't we be more efficient and shave hours off the time we spend in meetings?

Well, the good news is, you can do all of this, and more - and I'm going to show you how in this webinar:

Learn How to Turn Your Team - Any Team - Into a Decision-Making Machine with this Free Webinar!

I've been teaching teams how to consistently make (and execute) high-quality decisions for decades, and the principles I've developed can be easily and immediately implemented by any team in any environment. Whether you work for a manufacturing or service company, a not-for-profit, church, faith- or cause-based organization - even a government agency or NGO - then these simple, easy-to-implement principles will utterly transform how you and your team meet, and how they  make decisions.

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Here’s Just Some of What You'll Learn on the Webinar

By the end of this 75-minute webinar, you will have learned the key principles involved in high-quality team decision-making and how to revolutionize every meeting you're in. Here's just some of what you'll learn:

How to radically cut your meeting times

Just about every meeting you're in runs over time and goes for way too long, right? I'll show you how to radically cut the time you and your team spend in meetings by using just one simple technique - and no, it's not that 'tip' you've read about a gazillion times.

How to structure your meetings for maximum effectiveness

Most organizations never teach their leaders and managers how to structure meetings - so we end up with a tangles jumble of talk, talk, talk and rushed or miffed decisions. I'll show you the ideal meeting structure for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

How to actually make decisions - quickly and effectively

Think about the last team decision you were involved in...chances are it was a lot of talk, talk, talk, followed by a lot of...what, exactly? Very few teams (less than 1%) have a clear decision-making process. I'll teach you the easiest, simplest way to quickly make decisions as a team.

How to ensure your decisions are implemented 

Every had that 'circling the drain' feeling, where you know that you and your team already made a decision about this but somehow it never got implemented? I'll show you how to make decisions in a way that massively increases the momentum to implementation once the meeting has ended.

...and much, much more.

What People Say About Les McKeown's Content


Marshall Goldsmith

Predictable Success provides an incredibly useful blueprint for any leader who is looking for sustainable growth.

Marshall Goldsmith World's #1 leadership coach and thinker

Darryl Hutson

Les McKeown is absolutely on top of his game. Les not only knows - and shows - how your businesses can grow and succeed, he explains it a way that is intuitive, entertaining and immediately actionable.

Darryl Hutson CEO, American Express Incentive Services

Chan Lundy

If you want a road map to get to the next stage with your organization, I urge you to get on board with Les McKeown. Quite simply - there is no better, more intuitive, results-focused business growth process than Predictable Success!

Chan Lundy President, PPKC Inc., Kansas City

Carey Nieuwhof

Les McKeown has the ability to read minds and diagnose problems nobody else seems to be able to name, let alone solve. His books and insights have helped me become a far better leader

Carey Nieuwhof Founding Pastor, Connexus Church; Leadership Coach

Greg White

I learned more from Les than in my cumulative 15 years previous business experience. Les came in from the outside and was able to both accurately identify our current and future business challenges as well as provide us with strategies and solutions for dealing with them effectively. It was like he had been there all along!

Greg White Vice President, Finials Doors & Windows

David Allen

He's got it right. Les McKeown has uncovered the core dynamics of organizational growth, and mapped it to the best (and worst!) practices to achieve and maintain optimal, in-your-zone conditions - no matter where a group is in its evolution. This is real-world expertise, with simple but subtle and sophisticated prescriptions for all of us involved in getting things done with other people. And, oh yeah, he nailed how to address some key opportunities in my own company. Predictable Success should be required reading for every management team.

David Allen Best-selling author, ‘Getting Things Done’ & ‘Making It Work’

Alan Mulally

Les really captures the integration of key business processes, people, and leadership to consistently deliver a compelling vision, comprehensive plan, and profitable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Alan Mulally President & CEO, Ford Motor Co

Webinar Content

Here are the key principles that Les will be teaching on the webinar:


Why most team meetings are ineffective and inefficient and how to make sure yours aren't

Les will outline why most team meetings are guaranteed not to deliver right from the outset - and how you can break this pattern immediately - literally as soon as you have completed the webinar.


How to easily structure your meetings for maximum effectiveness

Most meetings have only three fixed elements - start time; finish time and a list of agenda points (none of which are usually adhered to). Les will provide you with a simple 'whole-meeting' structure which we guarantee will revolutionize your team meetings forever!


Using the Predictable Success 4D Process to make decisions

So now you have a well-structured meeting, and you start with the first agenda what do you and the team actually do? If you're like most teams, you talk...and talk...and talk...until hopefully a decision somehow gets made. In this section of the webinar, Les will show you the structured 4D process we teach our clients here at Predictable Success to radically shorten and dramatically improve your actual decision-making process


Ensuring Execution: How to make decisions that get implemented

Never again leave a meeting wondering - or hoping - that a great decision you and your team just made will actually get implemented. Les will show you a simple but powerful way to 'lock in' your decisions to ensure implementation happens after the meeting is concluded.


Bonus Resources and Materials (Paid Registrations Only)

You can register and attend this webinar 'live' for free - but if you purchase a paid seat, you will get access to the replay, and these bonus materials:

Bonus 1
Course Workbook

We'll send you the course workbook on the day of the webinar so you can work thorough the webinar materials in a structured manner and save your notes for future reference. (Only for paid seat registrations.)

Bonus 2
4D Flight Plan
4D Flight Plan

One of the most powerful tools will teach is the Predictable Success '4D' decision-making process. Register for a paid seat and you will receive this one-page 4D 'Flight Plan with full instructions for use in every meeting!

Bonus 3
Decision-Making eBook

This great companion eBook provides a helpful summary of the core webinar principles and contains some additional material that extends what Les will be teaching on the Webinar (available only for paid registrations).

Meet Your Webinar Leader, Les McKeown

Les McKeown is the Founder and CEO of Predictable Success.

Les first began to recognize recurring growth patterns early in his career as a serial entrepreneur. In addition to being involved in the launch of more than 40 companies before he was 35, he was at the same time a founding elder in a fast-growing church, while serving on the board of a number of charities and not-for-profits.

Les used the experience he gained during that time to co-found one of the first business incubators in the world, which he and his then business partner developed over a decade into a multi-national consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Struck by the similarity of issues faced by all growing organizations, Les began to codify his understanding of the repeating patterns of growth, publishing his Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller "Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track - and Keeping It There" in 2010, followed in 2012 by "The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success".

Les is a trusted advisor to fast-growth SMEs and thriving not-for-profits as well as Fortune 500 companies and a number of the largest government agencies in the world.

Image of Les McKeown, Founder and CEO, Predictable Success

Les McKeown, Founder and CEO of Predictable Success

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A personal note from Les McKeown

It's my life's work to help leaders grow, both as individuals and as leaders of others. Working effectively in teams is at the core of running any complex organization, and I've been fortunate over the years to have learned the key principles of effective team leadership from some of the most incredible leaders of our generation. 

I hope you'll join me in this webinar as I pass on those principles to you and others.

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