QuickRead: Your Two Overarching Goals for this Module

The Predictable Success Acceleration Program Module 1: Your Two Overarching Goals


Although it is one of the most extensive Modules in terms of the volume of material, you have just two overarching goals for Module 1.

These are to know:
1. Where your organization (and, if you are part  of one, your specific division, department, project, group or team) is now on the Predictable Success Lifecycle; and
2. Where you want to get to.
Here are some things to bear in mind as you work through the materials:
  • It’s fine for your assessment of 1 and 2 above to be somewhat provisional – the rest of the Program will help confirm or amend your initial assessment in this Module – but do make that initial assessment.
  • If you’re working through this Program with colleagues from your organization,  you’ll find it helpful to schedule a discussion where you can pool your assessments and discuss them together.
Don’t worry if there are differences of opinion regarding 1 (where you are now on the Lifecycle) – that’s normal, and the reasons for those differences (if any) will be clear by the end of the Program, but it is essential that you are all agreed on 2 – where you want to get to. It’s hard to arrive at a destination if everyone is headed in a different direction!
  • During this Module, in addition to the Predictable Success Lifecycle you’ll also be introduced to another Core Concept: The four Predictable Success Leadership styles ( Visionary, Operator, Processor and Synergist).  For now, simply note the teaching – we’ll go into these styles and their importance in more detail in the next Module.