QuickRead: The Difference Between ‘Core’ and ‘Bonus’ Materials

The Predictable Success Acceleration Program The Difference Between ‘Core’ and ‘Bonus’ Materials


Bonus Materials

Throughout The Predictable Success Acceleration Program you will find sessions prefixed with ‘Bonus:’. This indicates that they are intended as an optional deeper dive in to a selected topic. In Module 1, for example, you will find bonus sessions on getting out of Early Struggle, and on optimizing your time in Fun (don’t worry if these terms are meaningless to you at present – all will become clear :-). If a bonus session covers a topic you would like to explore in more detail, make time to study it, but rest comfortably knowing that if you don’t get to them, bonus sessions are not fundamental to the successful completion of this program.

Core Materials

Other than anything prefixed with ‘Bonus’, everything else in the Program is deemed core to understanding and effectively using the Predictable Success model to scale your organization.
Typically Core Materials come in one of two categories: Sessions, which are teaching sessions, and FAQ’s, which are Frequently Asked Questions.
The FAQ’s have been carefully curated to compliment the core teaching sessions, and should be studied even when the question does not seem relevant to your specific situation. Each question has been included specifically because the answer incorporates one or more key concepts that will be useful to you in scaling your organization.


Core materials have been carefully curated to be easily finished within the one week between the release of one Module and the next. In Module One, for example, the core materials can be completed in about 90 minutes, while the bonus materials comprise almost 5 hours of additional teaching.