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First published October 4, 2014

10 Signs That It’s Time To Accelerate Your Success 

Inc offices

When we announced that we’re presenting the Predictable Success Acceleration Program in partnership with Inc. at their NYC headquarters, we received an amazing response. 

Everyone is saying what a wonderful event it will be. However, one question often seemed to come up, and that’s “How do I know whether it’s right for me and my organization?”

The answer lies in the questions below. Use them to determine precisely how this event could benefit your business in 2015 and beyond:

1. Is your team able to consistently make high-quality decisions?

2. Once decisions have been made, are they fully executed? (Or do they languish and seem to pop up as an agenda item again and again?)

3. Does your organization have the necessary team members in place to not only grow your business, but scale it?

4. Is your organization fully responding to the needs of your customers (both internal and external)?

5. What’s your organization’s speed to clarity – the lapsed controllable time between the emergence of an issue and its resolution? How is it impacting your bottom line?

6. Has your organization’s growth stalled for reasons that aren’t fully clear? Would you like to pinpoint the problem(s) and discover how to achieve successful resolution(s)?

7. Has your organization developed a comprehensive strategic plan for next year, or is it primarily a reaction to what happened this year?

8. Do you have a vision for where your organization should be next year, but need a step-by-step action plan for how to execute it?

9. Is your strategic plan actionable, but you’re not sure how to cultivate buy-in throughout every level of your organization?

10. Would you like to know where your organization stands in the business lifecycle, the specific challenges this is causing, and how to overcome them?

If you’re ready to give your organization what it needs to succeed in 2015, then join Les McKeown and our talented team of Predictable Success Consultants at Inc.’s magnificent New York City headquarters December 4th and 5th.

Register for the Predictable Success Acceleration Program today. (Seats are extremely limited, so secure your spot(s) before it’s too late.)


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